What is the role of a sports analyst?

Today I found out the role of a sports analyst.

Few months ago, I worked as a sports agent for a few years before my return to the sports media world where I work now.

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I’ve always believed a sports analyst should have a strong education background in a scientific, fact-based field of study and I also believe they should be a member of a national broadcast association.

In the spirit of disclosure, I am a member of the National Sportscasters and Sportswriters Association (who hosts their largest convention this year at the Milwaukee Convention Center).

Sometimes I really don’t like talking about who I work for. That’s one reason I have a blog. The truth is, it’s because I don’t want anyone to know who I work for.

So, what do you do if you work for a sports broadcaster?

“As an analyst, I’m a person who’s the newest member of a well-established club. I have to think of my body of work, both in and out of sports, like the rest of my academic work,” says sportscaster, Mike Pesca. “I have to really think deeply about it.”

So, what’s the difference between a journalist and a broadcaster?

“In sports broadcasting, you are selling an entertainment product,” says sports broadcaster Mike Greenberg. “That’s very different from what journalists are doing. Sports journalism is reporting the news.”

Can a sportscaster be a journalist?

No. It’s the same game.

The difference is that when a sportscaster is working a ball game, the game is a theater show. Sports journalists are the main players. They are the writer-television talent.

What’s your job like?

You’re on the job a few hours every day. You start and you go until the job is done. You’re making some calls, you’re reading things, you’re developing ideas, you’re crafting a narrative.

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