Traits Of Successful Professional Players

How to become a real professional in blackjack and poker? Every novice player must think about this vital issue.

Successful mind card game players have certain qualities that become professional traits.

In blackjack, this is very helpful in interacting with the casino staff as well as to play online on 바카라사이트. In poker, such players are loved and respected, more desirable in private games, and are gladly invited to participate in public games.

Personality traits of successful players

  • High interpersonal competence.
  • A positive attitude towards play and life.
  • The concentration of soft focus. (Soft focused concentration is a term from the practice of meditation. With focused awareness, the body can relax in a state of relaxation. The mind begins to slow down its random wandering, and the person enters a state of silence and inner space.)
  • Attractiveness, charm.
  • High tolerance for ambiguity.
  • Ability to detect micro-facial expressions.
  • Excellent observation combined with vigilance.
  • The ability not to get angry.
  • Self-confidence, allowing little doubt in their own abilities.
  • Discipline and control.
  • Flexibility, adaptability.
  • Mastering your thinking ability in any circumstance.
  • The habit of eating right. Avoid alcohol and drugs.
  • The ability to keep your ego in check and limit your needs.
  • High interpersonal competence

Interpersonal competence is the ability of a person to interact with others. The most successful players, without exception, are open-minded, friendly, charming, and loved by those around them. They try their best not to offend other players and people in general. They are very tolerant of other points of view and avoid controversy. They are also good listeners.

People love to know that someone really hears their words. Using active listening techniques, an experienced communicator will paraphrase what is said to others so that the speaker knows that they have been heard correctly. It does not matter whether an experienced listener agrees with the interlocutor or not. He is able to accurately formulate the position of another person.

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