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There comes a time when every 辦公室椅 office needs to upgrade or add office chairs, and when that time comes, most of us have a limited budget. There is pressure to find the cheapest and best price without compromising quality, but more often than not this seems impossible without compromising some significant tweaks. Buying a fully adjustable ergonomic chair suitable for sitting for hours a day can be a bit costly, not to mention the need to buy ergonomic chairs for the entire office. Here is a big question: how can your business save money and get the most out of them? The best way to answer this question is to ask yourself whether to buy new or used office furniture, and consider the pros and cons of each one.

Used office chairs

  1. Benefits. Perhaps the biggest advantage of buying used office chairs is the significant cost savings. Because the chair was used by the previous buyer, retailers must mark a certain number of their used chairs for resale. All used office chairs must be carefully checked by the seller to ensure that there are no problems with the chair before it is put up for sale. Online retailers typically advertise their used office furniture as “open offers,” which basically means that the chair was returned by the previous buyer for reasons unrelated to fault or damage. Used office chairs can also be stolen; If you do your research, the previous buyer may not have used the product you are interested in. Many customers order a chair of the wrong color or try a chair for the day, but find that it does not suit them. In this case you will get a fundamentally new place on the used.
  2. Disadvantages – if you buy a used chair and later discover that you don’t like it, chances are you won’t be able to return the item. When used office furniture is bought, this is usually the final sale, as retailers simply cannot continue to sell the same piece of furniture. Every time a chair is flipped, it has less value and less value.

New office chairs

  1. Benefits – By purchasing a new chair, you are free to decide what exactly you need and what you need from an office chair, including a fit, color or ups, not just less. You can also be sure that your chair is under warranty; The duration and characteristics of the warranty for each chair vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. If any item breaks or you get a chair and it is faulty, you can quickly and for free repair the items. In addition, the new office chair is much less likely to break or wear out, as quickly as the used office chair, over time, and you are guaranteed a certain life of the chair on the basis of manufacturer’s warranty. More often than not, new office chairs are available for immediate purchase, no matter how many you search for. In many cases, only one model of a used office chair will be available for purchase, which is not ideal for large orders requiring multiple office chairs of the same model.
  2. Cons. Buying a new high-quality multi-adjustment office chair is expensive and may not match any business budget, especially if more than one is required. Buying a used office chair, your business can save a lot on a new chair. The delivery and delivery of chairs may take longer, as some chairs may be customized to suit individual needs and require additional production time, while the used office chair is already manufactured.

Whether your business decides to purchase a new office chair or a used office chair, it is important to explore the chair of your choice before buying. Try to determine if there is a warranty on the chair and how long this warranty applies to you, especially if you are looking for a used chair. If you want to buy a few chairs and you need to buy them new, ask your dealer for a discount for the volume; in most cases, they will say yes, especially if the number is 6 or more. If you need a seat of a certain type to meet your needs, don’t settle for a used seat if you know that it doesn’t fit your needs, or if you have to buy another seat in a few months.

Offices To Go’s mission is to deliver incredible quality at an incredible price. The chairs of this brand certainly have everything, and that’s why Offices To Go has undoubtedly become such a hit this year. All their seats offer high-tech comfort, upholstered in incredible style, at the price of things that everyone can afford. They offer a variety of options: leather or mesh chairs for any office you can imagine. The chairs of this brand, which have proved to be particularly well established this year, include the 11690B chair with the grid, the chair for the head seat with the grid 11686-L10 and the chair of the leader 2787 Luxhide. Each of these chairs and the rest of their fellow Office To Go chairs never sacrifice the comfort of a big price. All these and many other reasons make Office To Go such a leading brand!


The office chair brand, declared one of the most comfortable office chairs, definitely succeeded this year, and it didn’t disappoint! It’s hard to dominate many places from THE RFM, but they’ve definitely outdone themselves with their Green Series spots. The green ergonomic office chair 22011 from RFM and his two siblings from RFM Preferred Seating has a back that replicates the shape of the user’s spine, making it one of the most comfortable chairs on the market. But they’re not the only ones! RFM’s mission is to continue to develop chairs that are always at the forefront of innovation. Many of their seats, including Verte, Echelon and the Internet, have an ergonomic design to improve all aspects of office work, from comfort to performance. No wonder they did so well this year!

General office around the world

Global is known for offering all kinds of high-quality office products, from desks to cardboard and storage. This year, however, their chairs became the star. Global’s mission is to provide a wide range of products so that customers have access to everything they need. They offer stylish loungers for use in the room, as well as seats for conferences, trainings, assignments and administrative purposes.

Many of their chairs have an extremely versatile design that allows them to adapt to a wide variety of conditions, which is part of their popularity. Another part of the popularity of their chairs is associated with bright style. Chairs such as global’s 6670-2 Arti Office Chair have a folding back that mimics the human spine, providing superb comfort and incredible style. In addition, Global also offers comfortable seats with relief forms for exercise and guest seats, available in a variety of color options for convenience.

OFM office furniture

With a line of furniture, including desks, desks, storage space, jobs and chairs, you can find all the furniture you could wish for your office. This brand guarantees its customers incredible comfort in a luxurious style. Like other types of furniture, OFM office chairs are extremely versatile. Not only do they offer office chairs for executives, but they also have excellent chairs for lounges, study rooms, waiting rooms and reception rooms. In addition, OFM also offers popular beam chairs solutions that improve the efficiency of any office space. OfM’s popular office chairs, which have proven themselves this year, include OFM’s 811-LX Avenger executive chair and related chairs, orO200 OFM conference chair with tablet.

Eurotech seats

Eurotech Seating always offers a wide selection of fantastic chairs for the office, but the chair that brought them recognition this year is definitely Chakra. Each Eurotech Seating Chakra Office Chair has an airy zoomorphic design to support body chakras centers and improve energy flow. The chairs are available in five stylish colors to match the existing office design. In addition to Chakra, Eurotech offers the best office chairs for home and business! Other chairs that have proven themselves this year include the Eurotech Wau series, the Hawk series and the Eurotech Purple Symbian office chair. The desire of this brand to satisfy its customers by offering incredible comfort, as well as diversity and accessibility, is one of the reasons why in 2013 it took pride of place among the leading brands of office chairs!

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