marketing powerhouse

Most marketers can’t walk into the CEO’s office and pitch the idea of building marketing powerhouse small media company within a large corporation. Instead, content marketers are faced with a task of persistently championing content marketing over time. But it’s more than just spouting stats at anyone who will listen. A big part of evangelizing content marketing is creating a strategic roadmap that will ensure success once execution begins.

Learn how to build a content strategy that works by defining your audience, identifying gaps in the sources already reaching your audience, and leveraging the special sauce that only your organization can bring to bear. What are you an expert in, and how can you tell stories about that subject better than anyone else? This robust playbook will help you build a content strategy and roadmap.

To execute a successful content marketing operation, you need to translate numbers into action. Your operation needs to be a virtuous cycle of creating content, engaging audiences, and optimizing the process again and again.

That’s where measurement comes in. You need to consistently examine both audience metrics that quantify your audience’s true engagement and business metrics that align with key company goals. Only then can you strategically figure out how to improve every aspect of your content marketing program.

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